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This review was written by Károly Kiss and translated by Beáta Istenes.

I collect LEGO DUPLO sets. It is neither a secret nor a shame. I personally like one or two, however, I rather spare them for my future children. In fact, LEGO DUPLO is one of the best product lines of LEGO.


Thus, most of these sets are waiting in the abyss of a cupboard for the big moment when somebody will tear their boxes apart and mark their bricks with his or her drool. However, I liked the 10803 Arctic set so much that-not waiting for a so far fictional offspring’s real appearance- I opened the set myself, although, I left the whole drooling part out of it.


How wonderful it is when we can show the children a land far away from us and unknown for them through a construction toy. Acquiring new knowledge is connected with construction. This is precisely the situation the building of this set begins with, with the construction of the igloo.


The building part of the set, the igloo, besides looking great, makes the children practice the conception of inside-outside. Next to it, the hearth with the pot is suitable for demonstrating the contrasts of ice-fire and cold-warm.


We can complete the little home with a smaller pile of snow. Among the extra bricks, the tastefully decorated icicle element is remarkable.



A sled can also be assembled, and it is suitable for carrying a figure and a petroleum lamp. The sled is pulled by a dog. The animal is attached to the sled with a strong ribbon.


This is not the only mean of transport that makes the toy colourful. We also get a kayak that a brave Inuit can use to go fishing with. He catches a huge fish, indeed.



In addition to the fish and dog, we find other animals as well. The polar bear is an essential character of the Arctic scene.


The best element of the set is obviously the whale. It was published here for the first time, under the LEGO DUPLO line. Its mouth can be opened widely, even a figure would have enough space inside it.



In spite of the huge hollow part inside, this figure definitely has a strong structure. Smaller hands cannot easily find grabbable part on its stout body, instead, they can grab the caudal fins. From this point of view, the squirted water jet is not attached to the whale strongly enough.


The whale feeds with planktons. The small crabs appear on a new brick element. After all the stickers that usually appear in sets addressed to older ages, seeing so nicely decorated elements is truly a refreshing sensation.


The two figures- a dad and his daughter-smile happily inside the warm clothes. The hood cannot be reclined. It is nice to see the Inuits and their environment appearing in a children’s toy.


The 10803 is a middle sized LEGO DUPLO set, yet, it consists of a lot of characters and figures. It offers a wide range of possibilities for playing, it inspires both the children and their parents to tell a modern, innovative tale. Its uniqueness comes from the theme choice and the presence of the whale. It can be bought for 7-10 thousand HUF, but sometimes we can find even better bargains. Still, it is worth to buy it with its normal price as well.

It is crucial to understand the basic conception of DUPLO. The outside world can be modelled with it, thus, we can explore it from our carpets at home in a playful but informative way. It allows us to practice social roles and stories. Inside the products of DUPLO, we find highly diverse figures from different ethnic and age groups. The functions of the figures and buildings demonstrate mathematical and physical rules. DUPLO is capable of all of it while remaining entertaining, high quality and safe.

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